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The recipes are explained in great detail in order to make it easier to understand, as I don’t think that anything should be difficult in cooking. Even the most complex recipe can be broken down in simpler steps, and as long as you have an understanding of them and enough practice (and also the right equipment if any specialist tools are needed), anything can be accomplished.

I have created a Basics category that epitomises this approach: a more complex or creative recipe might need (it will in most cases) a basic technique, or more than one, as part of it. An example might be a lasagne, that will need a tomato sauce (or a Bolognese) and a béchamel, or even fresh pasta if not using dry lasagna sheets. In a case like this, the lasagne recipe will include a brief description of each process and a link to the Basics needed(tomato sauce, béchamel and fresh lasagne sheets) for a more detailed explanation that includes tips and various considerations to help optimise the process and obtain a better result

Although I don’t always weigh everything I use when cooking (except in baking), I will provide exact measures and cooking times whenever possible, but please bear in mind that  they are just guidelines and you will always have to follow your instinct and your palate. Remember that good cooks constantly taste what they are making!

Measurements will be given, in general, in the metric system, as it is more accurate than the imperial system, as well as easier to use to perform calculations.
However, for practical reasons, I will indicate measures such as teaspoons or tablespoon for small quantities, or sometimes I will use inches instead of cm because I prefer it when giving a rough measure.

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